J&S Carpentry FAQ's

Five things you should ask when hiring a builder or contractor

1. Is your builder/contractor licensed in the state of Massachusetts? To see if a builder is licensed, simply go the Massachusetts Sate Board of Building Regulations and Standards and search for their name or company name: www.mass.gov

2. Is your contractor insured? Request to see a copy of an insurance certificate before the work begins.

3. How long has your builder or contractor been in business? Ideally, you want to hire a company that has been in business several years, at least ten or more. This demonstrates that the builder has experience and should have many referenceable clients.

4. Ask your builder or contractor: Is this your primary vocation? Is contracting a side or temporary job? Many builders have other primary jobs, and contracting is a side job for them. Ask them if is this their full-time job. You might be surprised by their answers.

5. Will your contractor be onsite each day during your project? And, is your builder available when you have questions? This is very important. Some contractors don’t even show up to the job site once the project is underway. The team is there, but what if you have a question for your contractor? It is essential that you are comfortable with your builder and that they are onsite each day to see how the remodeling or construction is progressing. Your builder should be available to answer any questions you may have.